Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I am very excited to be exhibiting in a group show curated by Shea'la Finch from Tiny Showcase along side many many talented artists. I got to collaborate with amazing Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch. Check out Maxwell's work here.

Opens: Sept 4th
Opens again + riots: Sept 6th
Closes: Oct 2nd

Drew Beckmeyer + Erin Althea
Mike Bertino + Daniel Gibson
Catia Chen + Danni Meyerson
Jen Corace + Jason Corace
Jo Dery + Sam Lopes
Matt Furie + Aiyana Udesen
Jay Howell + I don't even know anymore, like eighteen people. Like,
Porous Walker, Kelly Tunstall..
Deth P. Sun + Ferris Plock
Marci Washington + Michelle Blade

Actually, all those guys are pretty much drawing together, check it:

Maxwell Loren Holyoke - Hirsch + Yumi Okuda
Nigel Peake + Holly Rice
Keith Shore + Keith Greiman
Mike Taylor + James Johnson
Alec Thibodeau + Deb Doromody
1911 + Caroline Gaedechens