Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ten days in Hokkaido

I went camping in Hokkaido with my friend Victor. We visited four different lakes in ten days, climbed a volcano, travelled on many trains and hitchhiked our way around. My favourite part of the trip was swimming in the lakes and the yubari melon I got at one of the stops on the way to Lake Nukabira.



d e b b i e said...

that looks like a lovely camping spot! said...

Indeed! Did you take sheepskin rugs this time? Perhaps not.
Yumi, I'm going to start learning Japanese (!) as part of my MA. Maybe I'll come to Japan and visit you?!
Alison xx

Yumi said...

no sheepskin alison. we didn't even have a stove with us. tinned fish for dinner. you're learning Japanese? come come visit!

Alison said...

nothing wrong with traditional camping food!

i'm starting an MA and I need to do a beginner's language course as a part of it, and if there's space on the course i'm going to do japanese! i'm excited!! i will definitely plan a visit so i can practise, maybe next year! xx