Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Expedition No.2

Explore the frozen wastes! Beware of the six-legged bear! Marvel at The Lights and The Darks! Visit the Stone Mushroom-shapers!
Expedition No.2 - To The North opens in little more than a week on the corner of Vesterbro Torv and Vesterport in Aarhus, Denmark!

Here are the opening hours:
6th Dec. 11AM-5PM (Workshop noon-3PM)
7th Dec. 11AM-5PM (Workshop noon-3PM)
8th Dec. 10AM-5PM
9th Dec. 10AM-5PM (Workshop 1-4PM)
10th Dec. 10AM-5PM
11th Dec. Open late: 5-8PM
12th Dec. 10AM-5PM 
13th Dec. 11AM-5PM (Workshop noon-3PM)
14th Dec. 11AM-3PM

Our Café will be serving snacks for both belly and brain.

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